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Integrating with Pre-Execution Tools

Nomio sits at a very natural boundary within the contracting pipeline: the part that happens after the point of signature.

Nomio doesn’t need any training data or special configuration, so integration is very easy: as long as it gives you a PDF, it works with Nomio!

We see three common ways in which customers want to integrate with Nomio:

1. Legacy Agreements (usually from Cloud Filesystem)

You have an existing set of contracts usually stored in a cloud filesystem such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or SharePoint. It's very simple to get these contracts into Nomio. All you have to do is turn your top level contracts folder into a zip file you drag and drop that into Nomio’s Loading Bay and we will sort out the rest.

2. Auto-upload New Agreements when Signed (via E-signature tool)

As you sign new contracts you want to make sure that they get into Nomio as easily as possible. What you can do with DocuSign, Adobe sign, Hellosign and others is create an auto forwarding email address pointing to documents@nomio.com. We will automatically link any inbound email with your account and your contract will be automatically sent to Nomio whenever a new one has signed by anyone in your company.

You can also forward any attachments from your inbox to documents@nomio.com to achieve the same thing. Much easier than downloading and saving to your filesystem!

3. Sitting alongside an existing Contract Management System

Nomio is designed to be compatible with other Contract Management Systems - we see them as collaborators, not competitors. Even companies that have a good pre-execution system rarely find that all of the contracts they sign go through that system. For example, you might sign your sales contracts using a workflow tool such as Ironclad but your vendor agreements are dealt with outside that process.

Creating a clean line of separation after the point of execution where all contracts go into a focused tool like Nomio actually improves the overall pipeline.

You will soon be able to read more about why we choose to focus exclusively on post-execution!

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