Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to install anything?

No. Nomio is a web-based product so will work on any device with an internet connection, directly in your browser.

Data and Security

Where do you store customers' data?

All data is stored in London, UK, in ISO-27001 compliant data centres and encrypted at all times.

Data and Security

Who controls and owns my data?

As a customer of Nomio, your data always belongs to you and can be removed at any time. You can also export your entire repository of documents and associated data at any point from within Nomio.

See our Security Overview for more information.

Onboarding and Support

How does onboarding work?

Onboarding is tailored entirely to your needs, but here's a rough outline:

  1. Start with one or two key stakeholders in your business
  2. Process a small set of documents with Nomio
  3. Adapt the system as necessary
  4. Set up and train a wider set of users in your business on how to use Nomio
  5. Process all of your documents

How does Nomio achieve 99%+ accuracy?

Simple: we combine AI and OI (Organic Intelligence, or people!) to get far better results than either approach alone.

All of Nomio's Organic Intelligence is performed by full time, trained Document Specialists under a strict NDA.


Can Nomio process scanned documents?

Yes! We use the best OCR available on the market to digitise scanned documents.

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