Build a contract database before it's too late

Events, opportunities, mistakes, and unconsidered risks manifest at a moment’s notice, lurking in the shadows before pouncing at the worst possible time.

  • The world goes into lockdown.
  • You failed to comply with an important time-based deliverable.
  • Your company gets an acquisition offer.
  • You missed a renewal notice deadline for an expensive service you wanted to cancel.
  • A new regulation is announced.
  • There’s a security breach.
  • Your contract with a key partner unexpectedly expired.
  • You suddenly need to raise money.
  • You accidentally breached your SLA.

When these things happen, you urgently need to know which contracts (and therefore relationships) are exposed. You're in firefighting mode, so you won't have time to put together the very contract database that will immediately answer your urgent questions. Instead you'll be left to hack and slash your way around the piecemeal document wasteland you inherited.

The cost? Lost money, missed opportunities, and damage to your reputation.

The solution? Don’t wait for when you most need a contract database before building it. You’ll be too late.