From £1,995 / year

100+ Agreements
Capture and calculation of key dates
Email notifications for key dates
Universal search
Email upload with DocuSign and others


From £3,995 / year

Everything from Team, plus:
250+ Agreements
Unlimited ancillary document storage
Standard training and support
Standard export to CSV / Excel
Best-in-class OCR for scans
Amendments and multi-document agreements


Custom Pricing

Everything from Business, plus:
99%+ accurate custom data capture
Priority training and support
Advanced export
Early API access



Dynamic timeline

Nomio automatically compiles a timeline of all key dates and events across your agreements, including implied dates like renewals.


Full text search

Search for any keyword or phrase across your entire portfolio of documents, simultaneously.


Email notifications

Customisable email notifications so that the right people know in advance when to take action.


Share across teams

Allow each team to self-serve access to the agreements they need while controlling exactly who sees what.



Consolidate multiple documents into one agreement to reflect amendments, additional schedules, or any other relevant documents.


Demonstrate compliance

Record proof of compliance with file attachments for individual clauses and timeline events.


Agreement grid

A much more powerful approach to files and folders so you can find anything in 3 seconds.


Email upload

Forward emails from DocuSign, Adobe Sign, or any other source straight to your Nomio repository.


Bookmark clauses

Label individual clauses for easy reference when you need them.


Instant export

Export agreement summaries, search results, and your entire corporate calendar to Excel at any time.


Add events

Extend the automatic timeline by recording external events such as notice of termination.


Build corporate knowledge

Capture notes alongside clauses and timeline events so that important context is preserved across teams over time.

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