The Document Journey

First we process your documents






Then we organise the information inside them


Clause Library

You can now do anything that a database can do


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Smart Document

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Intelligent Timeline

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Deviations from Precedent

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More than A.I. Extraction Hype

99%+ Accurate Data Capture

We combine the best of computers and humans to achieve a level of accuracy that you can actually trust, without the need for training data.

Once we've captured your raw data, we make it usable and auto-calculate other useful properties from it so you can see the full picture.
Captured dataCaptured dataCaptured data
Nomio data property calculation

Immediately Understand your Agreements

Nomio gives you a clear summary of key terms so you can see critical information at a glance.

If you want to see its context, jump directly to the relevant clause with our Smart Documents. No more trawling through pages of text to locate just a few key points.

Never miss another deadline

Intelligent Timeline

Most contracts don't explicitly state when they expire or auto-renew. This means that simply "extracting" information isn't good enough.

Nomio auto-calculates important dates such as expiry and renewal deadlines and sends you reminders in advance.
Nomio Agreement Timeline

Visibility for the Whole Business

Control Who Sees What

Nomio lets your business securely self-serve contractual information.

Give each team the visibility it needs without the headache of managing permissions for files and folders.

Identify Deviations from Precedent

Negotiations and exceptions result in a patchwork of terms across your templated agreements, representing a significant and opaque business risk.

Nomio surfaces and tracks every deviation across your repository so you can immediately understand what you have agreed to with whom.

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