Product overview

We build Nomio with three things in mind: simplicity, focus, quality.

The Grid

Single source of truth

Central database for all agreements, unified across the business.


Find any agreement or set of agreements in 3 seconds or less.


Segment your database by who should see what using fully-customisable labels.

Customisable Columns

Nomio can capture any information you care about with 99%+ accuracy.

Agreement View

Smart Summary

See key terms at a glance in the sidebar.

Timeline + Notifications

Nomio auto-calculates key dates like Renewal Notice Deadlines, even though they don’t appear in the text of the agreement.

Data Linking

Nomio links every data point to where it appears in the document so you can trust it and understand context.

Multiple Documents

Nomio assembles multiple documents into a cohesive whole (e.g. Order Form and separate Terms of Service), including amendments.

Clause Search

Universal Search

Search across your entire set of agreements at once.

Combine Search Terms

Drill down to clauses matching multiple keywords.

Flexible Results

Search “terminate” and you’ll get back “termination” and “terminating” as well.

Clause Labels

Bookmark and categorise individual clauses for easy reference.