Copy and paste

Your most important information can be traced back to a contract.

You then copy and paste it into critical business systems. For example:

  • Employment contracts → HR systems
  • Customer contracts → CRMs, invoicing systems
  • Supplier contracts → procurement systems
  • Fundraising contracts → cap table management systems
  • SLAs → infrastructure monitoring systems
  • All of the above → financial and risk management systems

The contract is the source of truth, not the systems you copied it into. And that source of truth isn’t static. It changes whenever an event triggers behaviour in your contracts. For example, breaching an obligation can trigger a rebate or early termination rights.

If you’re dependent on copy and paste, you're dependent on humans behaving like robots.

Humans do not behave like robots. Your business is therefore running off the wrong information. There will be a gap between your model and reality.