Do you need it?

When you buy an all-in-one contract management system, make sure you actually need all of it. And that you need all of it straight away (spoiler: you probably don’t).

All those features spread product teams thin. If your pain is concentrated in a particular area, it’s going to be an afterthought.

An all-in-one deployment requires so much more work to set up. If you don’t need all of it straight away, you’re doing so much more work than you need to. And if you don’t do the work at the start, you probably never will.

Strong pain points provide the clarity that good solutions require. If you're buying something for pain points you don't really have, you won't know what you're looking for.

Even if you think you need all of it, if you’re starting from zero the odds are that an all-in-one deployment is going to fail. Too many moving parts.

When the expensive all-in-one solution isn’t delivering ROI because you paid much more for much less value that took much longer to arrive, you’re going to look bad.

So make sure you really need it.