From nebulous to concrete

“Can you get me all data processing clauses across our contracts?”

We hear this one a lot.

It’s not a very good question. Any answer is going to either be incomplete or contain a huge amount of noise. Neither of these outcomes is useful.

The key is to break down nebulous queries into atomic pieces.

We can break down “data processing” into a series of more concrete questions that matter to the business. These could be Yes / No questions or have a fixed library of answers.

Each answer is now a concrete data point stored in a contract database and directly linked to the corresponding clause so you can see the context.

For example:

  • Does the data processor make an explicit commitment to GDPR compliance?
  • Are sub-processors subject to the same data processing requirements as the data processor?
  • Does the data processor require consent in order to transfer data to other regions?
  • Does the customer have audit rights to the data processor’s data infrastructure?

Now you can create rules, filters, and automations based on those concrete answers.

Much more useful.