Grandma's driveway

People are too broad when talking about certain kinds of task.

Fully autonomous self-driving cars have worked well along a standard highway for more than 10 years. However, these systems still struggle with many daily scenarios that a human driver could handle easily.

We have built our data capture process at Nomio with this in mind.

There are always going to be times where automation (including AI) falls over. If it’s a task that isn’t tolerant to errors, then the only way to make it work is by including humans. Simply capturing data from most contracts still requires a lot of human input. Building a coherent contract database is on a completely different level.

As techniques improve over time, automation can handle more of the task. But that’s always the easy bit, since basic data capture is pretty much a commodity. 80% of the value is in the 20% of areas that are difficult, and progress on those areas is much slower.

When a product tells you it captures data automatically, make sure you understand whether its a go-straight-along-the-highway or back-into-your-grandma’s-uneven-driveway-with-two-flat-tyres-and-no-wing-mirrors job.