Logical errors

In any network, you have nodes and links. Like how cities are connected with roads.

Data points within a contract are like nodes. Those data points usually have a relationship with each other i.e. the links. Together they describe how the contract actually works.

If you only capture the data points without also capturing the relationship between them, you’re missing half the picture.

When you capture the full picture, you can automatically find logical errors in your contracts. We detect these for our customers all the time, at which point they can go and fix those contracts before they cause problems.

Examples of errors you can auto-detect:

  • The expiry date is before the commencement date (this is surprisingly common…).
  • The specified term is 3 years, but the expiry date provided is only 2 years from the commencement date.
  • Two different termination notice periods are provided.

Model how the contract actually works and you’ll instantly know when it doesn’t.