No blueprint = Gameboy with no game

The majority of contract database projects fail miserably. Why? Because the people behind them don’t go deep on The Blueprint.

No two companies have the same set of contracts or context in which they sit. Every contract database is different. This means you first have to stop and plan very carefully how you want that contract database to behave.

This is so important because a contract database without context is like a Gameboy with no game cartridge. You have the apparatus to make things happen but it’s useless on its own.

The only way to successfully manage a contract database in the long run is to have a living, breathing blueprint that sits and evolves right next to it. Otherwise, even if the initial build is successful the whole thing will fall apart and become stale very quickly.

Nomio is the only solution that builds and maintains both your contract database and your blueprint for you.

Schedule 1 - Example Questions:

  • What information within and surrounding my contracts do I care about?
  • What is the context of that information within the business?
  • How do different data points interact?
  • What kinds of contracts am I dealing with?
  • What quirks do I need to be aware of?
  • Who is going to need access?
  • Which contracts should they be able to see?
  • Why do we need the database in the first place?
  • How are we going to organise and label agreements?
  • How are we going to group related documents into agreements?
  • What automations do we need on top of the data?
  • How exactly is all this information going to be used?