Relationship damage

Poor contract visibility is ruining your customer relationships.

Do you have customer contracts that deviate from your standard terms?

Do you have customers still on older versions of your now-updated standard terms?

Have you incorporated any additional schedules to your customer agreements, even if the standard terms remained unchanged (e.g. a Data Processing Addendum or SLA)?

If the answer to any of these is “yes”, you can’t safely make sweeping assumptions about how you treat those customers. If you make an assumption and it turns out to be wrong, you’re going to cause damage to the relationship.

Like when you use your customer’s logo in marketing when their contract updated the logo rights clause.

Like when you refuse their right to audit your infrastructure because you didn’t realise an updated clause allowed them to.

Like when you say “no” to a service request for a category that was explicitly included in their contract.

Like when you increase their annual fee by your standard 5% even though you agreed to a non-standard price lock for 3 years.

It only needs to happen once to leave a bad taste.