Sharp edges

There are sharp edges in your contracts. Negotiations happened and janky terms were agreed.

Even if the people responsible are still around, nobody is going to remember all of those sharp edges before they cut you. They are invisible until it’s too late.

Every time you get cut, you lose money, miss opportunities, or suffer damage to your reputation.

Like when the finance team accidentally bills your customer for a price increase when you agreed a non-standard price lock for the 5-year initial term.

Or you weren’t aware of the change to your standard SLA breach clause that gives your biggest customer the right to terminate immediately.

Or your customer unexpectedly asks to audit your infrastructure for security purposes, citing the clause that allows them to do so. Enjoy explaining that one to your information security team.

Sharp edges will always exist, no matter how well you negotiate. The best approach is therefore one that helps you avoid getting cut by showing you exactly where all those sharp edges are. Like building and maintaining a contract database.