Water, not sludge

Nobody wants another heavyweight piece of software.

There’s so much work involved to set it up. To get used to a new process. To watch those horrible training videos. To understand the labyrinth of pages and buttons, 90% of which you don’t need. To do all of that at 9pm when you’ve got 5 more hours of work to do. To maintain the whole thing in the long run so it doesn’t become crusty, stale, and useless.


We are clean freaks. We are more proud of what we manage to keep out of our product than what we can clumsily stuff into it. Nomio has 2 pages and you can figure them out within as many minutes of your first login. We even take on 100% of the responsibility for all the complex setup work so that you don’t have to.


If business software is a barrel of sludge, Nomio is a cool glass of water.