Why we don't offshore our most important job

“Data entry”, “data labelling”, “quality assurance”. These jobs are typically offshored to developing countries with low-paid and low-skill workers.

For some domains, this is fine. If you want 10 million invoices tagged for machine learning training data, or 100 million images labelled with “car”, “bus”, “traffic lights”, then offshoring makes sense. These are very trivial jobs that even a child could usually do. They require at most basic training and knowledge. And the cost of getting something wrong is small.

Processing contracts is a different story. They are much, much more complex, much more valuable, and not easily understood by most professional adults, let alone children! So they’re both harder to work with and less forgiving of mistakes.

We take the opposite approach. We hire the sharpest people full time and sit in the same room as them. We then continually iterate on a suite of tools to massively amplify what they can do. Like an Iron Man suit. Moreover, they talk to our customers directly instead of through six layers of management.

You can’t build a great Iron Man suit if the people using it are halfway across the world and 12 hours ahead of your timezone. Neither will those people do a great job of processing your contracts.