You can't be trusted

There’s a gigantic gulf between how you think you’re going to use a piece of software and how you actually end up using it. So many naive assumptions. Like the hoards of gym-goers in early January.

Contract management companies take advantage of this phenomenon. They sell you on features that sound great in theory, but there are two very, very big catches:

  1. You, the customer, need to do a whole load of work. Both during setup and forever after.
  2. You, the customer, need to do that work to a very high standard.

The problem is that you and your team don’t have time to do this work. You hate doing it so most of it won’t even get done. The small amount that you do will suck because you don’t know what you’re doing. You can't be trusted.

It's not your fault. The game is rigged against you!

We care about building exquisite contract databases, not selling software. And that, wonderful reader, is why we do all the work for you.

Schedule 1 - Examples:

  • You have to manually fill in data forms when a contract is signed.
  • The “AI” is substandard so you have to verify every single data point yourself.
  • You have to manually set up notifications for key dates, one by one, which you also need to calculate yourself if they’re not explicit in the text of the contract (spoiler: they are usually not).
  • The software “integrates” with your existing filesystem, but this depends on your files and folders being neatly organised and properly grouped together (spoiler: we have never seen this).
  • The software “categorises” your agreements, but these are preset categories that don’t fit into the nuances of your business.
  • The critical team member who manages all of this leaves the business and nobody has the knowledge or capacity to understand and look after the system.