Wooden rocket

Your contracts are set up for failure.

Not because of what’s in them (maybe that too), but because of how their information is stored. Rectangles of text stored in document formats designed more than 30 years ago when paper was the medium of work.

As a comparison, imagine if global payments infrastructure was built on PDFs instead of structured databases. We’d be 100 years behind!

The ease of word processing and digital signing has meant that contracts are larger and more numerous than ever before, but our ability to understand what’s in them remains woefully underpowered. However well you think you can juggle pieces of (digital) paper and a spreadsheet, the odds are increasingly stacked against you.

Some are trying to solve this by squeezing the few drops left in a used lemon. Filing systems, tools, and AI, all built on digital paper. It’s like trying to build a rocket out of wooden sticks.

The only effective way to work with contracts today is to first transform them into truly digital, structured data. Once your information is in good shape, every other problem is pretty much solved for free.